The Department of Research in Language and Communication of the State University of Applied Sciences in Konin carries out research which focuses on areas that contribute to the body of knowledge about language, literature, and translation in the context of intra- and inter-cultural conditioning.

We are engaged in high-quality research and educational projects, designed to add to our understanding of language systems, particularly English and German, literature of these cultures and translation theory and practice. We collaborate with colleagues across the University and at other educational institutions in Poland and in other countries (GetIT Initiative).

The theme of Contacts & Contrasts is a prevailing theme in the Department academic activities. We are part of the international PROJECTS (SAREP, organize PANELS (translational competences Kompetencje Współczesnego Tłumacza) and CONFERENCES (Zbliżenia), which contribute to achieving academic success in these fields. In the year 2017 we started a cycle of international conferences Contacts & Contrasts, which will be organized biannually. 

We invite you to Konin to participate online in our latest edition of the international conference 

C&C 2023



27 – 29 March 2023